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Eyebrow Treatment
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afterpay is now available in-store. To schedule an appointment you must pay the deposit in full. The balance may be paid with afterpay to qualifying individuals before your appointment. You must notify Naomi before your appointment so she can get your payment setup beforehand. afterpay will split the balance into 4 payments over 6 weeks, the first payment is due the day of. To see if you qualify, get the afterpay app, sign up quickly & easily, (no long forms) and you will know instantly if you qualify. Feel free to text Naomi at 765-729-5096.

Lip Blush $400 (2.5 hours)
Lip Blush 6-8 week touch up is an additional $75 (2 hours)
Lip Blush 12+ week touch up / annual color boost $175 (2 hours) 
Lip Neutralization
 $400 (3 hours)
Lip Neutralization 2-4 month touch up/ perfecting sessions $150. Neutralization can take 2-4+ sessions. Each session must be done 2-4 months from the last session at $150 each. (2.5 hours)
Lip Neutralization a
nnual color boost is $200 (6+ months after the last
session is considered an annual color boost) (2.5 hours)

Lip blush will enhance your lips, giving extra definition and blush of color. I work closely with each client to understand exactly what they’re looking for.

If you have lost definition around the border of your lips and the color has faded (which is common as we age), then a lip blush will not only define the lips, but can make lips look slightly fuller.

I don’t have swatches of lip colors to look at. It’s weird how you think you may will like one color and then once you try it on you don’t. You have to try them on you can’t pick from a chart. Lip blush tattoo isn’t lipstick. It sits under the skin and mixes with your natural lip color. We can mix colors together. If you have a favorite lip color bring it with you to your appointment. I’m really good at matching colors.


The day you get your lips done they are way darker then you want them to be. When they heal they usually heal 30-50% lighter. Often we completely change the color at the touch up appointment depending on how you heal. It’s actually hard to get a really bold color. The bold colors you see in my after photos on social media are not a true representation of lip blush. The colors will not heal to a bold dark color. It usually heals very soft and beautiful yet natural looking.

The week or two leading up to your lip blushing appointment it is very important to exfoliate and hydrate your lips. Apply a generous amount of lip balm to your lips regularly. I recommend using Aquaphor lip balm. The healthier the skin the better it will take the pigment. Drinking Lots of water and staying hydrated leading up to your lip procedure will help give you better results.


WARNING: If you have EVER had a cold sore or fever blister you must call your doctor and get on medication 5 days prior to your lip appointment to prevent an outbreak. The stimulation from the needle can bring out cold sores/ cause an outbreak.

All new client permanent makeup is a 2 step process. After the initial appointment you come back in 6-8 weeks for a touchup perfecting session. This is an additional $75-$100 for this session. Annual color boosts are one session and do NOT include a perfecting session. If you wait too long for a color boost and need an additional session another color boost fee will apply.

Saturday appointments now available upon request. A $100 after hours service fee will apply for each Saturday appointment. Please text Naomi with request 765-729-5096.


$400-$500+ (2.5 hours)


If you have ever had your brows done by another artist and would like to schedule with Naomi you must send her pictures of your brows for approval. Text her at 765-729-5096. Photos must be taken in good lighting without any filters. Some clients will require removal before a cover up can occur. If you schedule without approval and at the appointment she sees she can't do them you will lose your deposit.

Microshading    $400
     Shading, Powder, Ombre Initial session

Comb brows    $450
     Hair strokes in front & shading all over

Brow cover up/correction   $500 & up
    To book a cover up/correction appointment you must send me clear pictures of your brows. The pictures must be in good lighting without any filters. Corrections may take additional sessions after the touch up. Additional touch ups are $150 each.

6-8 week touch up    $75 
     Must be done within 12 weeks of initial session or annual color boost fee will be charged. (2 hours)

Additional touch up     $100
     Must be done within 12 weeks from the 1st touch up or annual color boost fee will be charged. This does not apply for color corrections or color boosts. (2 hours)


Annual Color Boost     $175  

     12+ weeks after initial session or touch up. If you wait over a year for your color boost you may need another session at $150. Color boosts are 1 session only and don't come with a touch up. For existing clients only. (2 hours)

Prices are subject to change without notice.



Naomi specializes in powder brows/ microshading /ombré brows. This is different than microblading where they cut the skin with needles to make hair strokes. Microblading is really invasive so it doesn't retain well on most people. It can cause scarring and tends to fade faster. Only about 1 in 10 people are a candidate for microblading where as everyone is a candidate for shading.


Microshading(shading) / powder brows are good for all skin types and the best choice for oily skin. Microshading is less invasive than microblading so it retains better in the skin and will last longer. It will give you a soft, misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup best achieved by machine.

Ombré brows are also a form of shading (microshading) but the tails of the brow are darker, and fade into a light start to the brow, giving it a very subtle look! Over time, pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows behind - Lighter at the front of the brow and going darker towards the tail. This is my signature technique I do 99% of the time.


Using the safest and advanced permanent makeup techniques, Naomi is dedicated to embracing and enhancing each client’s natural beauty. This service is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise.

Corrective/cover up work will generally require multiple sessions for best results and additional touch ups will be charged accordingly. We can not guarantee the results for corrective/cover up work. If previous tattoo is too dark, large, discolored, tattoo removal is recommended before booking an appointment for new cosmetic tattoo, to achieve the best results.


There are generally two permanent eyeliner styles. First is the tight-line, which involves adding the pigment between the layers of your eyelashes to darken your lash line, leaving you with a subtle lash enhancement. This option is a lot thinner than an eyeliner, and it’s very natural-looking. Then there’s eyeliner, which is a step above the tightline. This is where the pigment is actually applied above the lash line and it’s drawn almost as if you were to put a liquid eyeliner on. It’s mostly for people who wear that look on a daily basis. 


Tight-line or thin basic eyeliner is $300 each for the top OR bottom eyeliner. $100 off bottom eyeliner if you do it at the same session as the top. (1- 2 hours) It will take more time if you want top AND bottom.

Medium thickness eyeliner on top only is $350. (1.5 - 2 hours)

Thick eyeliner on top is $400. (1.5 - 2 hours)

Wing eyeliner on top is $400. (2 - 2.5 hours) Hooded eyes or eyes with a lot of wrinkles may not be a candidate.

Stardust / smoky / shaded eyeliner is $550+ on top or $350+ on bottom. 

(3 hours for top + 2 hours for bottom) NOTE: This is shaded eyeliner that can be shaded to the crease of your eye. This isn't meant to replace eyeshadow completely. If you like the look of eyeshadow above your crease, makeup will need to be applied. Oily skin, hooded eyes or eyes with lots of wrinkles may not be a candidate. You can choose to do solid eyeliner on the bottom for $200 additional at the same session as top.

Eyeliner 6-8 week touch up / perfecting session 

Additional fees apply as follows:

Tightline, thin, medium, thick and winged eyeliner - $75 is due at the perfecting session.

Stardust/ smoky/ shaded eyeliner - $100 is due at the perfecting session.

(times vary, usually about the same as the initial session)

If you don't adhere to the pre-care and aftercare instructions it can cause the pigment not to retain properly. Additional sessions are $175+ each per area, $200 for shaded eyeliner.

(1.5 - 3 hours)


A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule an appointment. The deposit will go towards the appointment total. All new client procedures are a 2 step process. Your cosmetic tattoo isn't considered complete until after the 6-8 week touch up / finishing session. There is an additional fees for the finishing session. Annual color boost appointments are one session and no touch up is included.

Tiny Tattoo Lightning (Removal) $50-$200 per session

I am certified in SofTap Lightning tattoo removal and Li-FT permanent makeup lightening removal. Unlike laser removal I use my machine with a removal saline solution that draws out the pigment. It may take multiple sessions to fully remove the tattoo. This is great for unwanted permanent makeup and tiny tattoos. Large tattoos I recommend going elsewhere for laser removal. Tattoo removal is a process, it can take multiple sessions. There is no way for me to know how many sessions it will take. It lightens slowly with each session as it heals. You must wait at least 8 weeks between removal sessions. 

Coupon and Discount Restrictions

Coupons cannot be combined with any other discount or offers. One coupon per person per visit. Must be a new service. Doesn't apply to touch ups or color boosts. Must mention the discount

at time of checkout. Can't be applied to any previous appointment or previously scheduled appointment.




Services: Services
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