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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Shear Beauty Accademy

The Basic Fundamentals of Microshading Eyebrows Class

Small classes for optimal learning experience. Never more than 3 people in a class.  


Microshading is a machine ombre class, you will learn all the brow shading techniques that I personally provide to be able to accommodate every client.


  • Cross contamination safety 

  • Health department regulations

  • Skin conditions and contraindications

  • Choosing the right clients

  • Microshading different skin types

  • Mapping (predraw) brow shapes

  • Tools, needles and set up

  • Microshading procedure steps

  • Needles cartridges 101

  • Ombre techniques and procedure

  • Proper aftercare 

  • Basic color theory

Class Schedule

  • The full program is 100 hours long, including online, in person and homework assignments.

  • Once you pay your class deposit you have access to the online portion of the class to start learning. You will need the online portion finished before you come to class.

  • The in-class portion of this program is three days. The first two days, we will work only on worksheets, fake skins and dummy heads to properly learn these new skills.

  • You will then have a week or two to finish your fake skins and practice as much as possible at home, I call this 'Practice Week'. I encourage my students to send me photos of their work so I can correct and send feedback during this week.

  • After your practice week, we will set up a time to do your model together. I always do models individually to ensure you are having undivided attention throughout your appointment. 

Green Eyes and Makeup

What is included?


Your kit will provide everything to do the full microshading procedure. 

  • Permanent makeup tattoo machine

  • Cartridge tattoo needles

  • Fake skins for practice

  • Brow tattoo pigments

  • 2 different numbing creams

  • Wax pencils

  • Pre inked mapping string

  • Brow rulers

  • Surgical markers

  • Brow razors

  • Pigment rings

  • Ink cups

  • Mascara wands

  • Micro Swabs

  • Micro wooden cotton swabs

  • Tattoo plastic wrap

  • Grip tape roll

  • Sharps container

  • Training manual 

  • Certification upon completion 


I try to include everything that you need for the procedure. You will need to get health department approved cleaning supplies and other basics like gloves, q-tips, gauze, etc.

Text Naomi at 765-729-0596 to SAVE YOUR SPOT.

Class FAQ
Are there any prerequisites to take the class?

You must have your bloodborne pathogens certificate prior to taking the class. I recommend getting that here at You also need a temporary permit from the Delaware county health department prior to working on your live models. There is more info about that in the following FAQ. Message me if you have questions.

Can I legally do microshading after class?

Almost! The Delaware county health department requires that all tattooing happens in a registered tattoo establishment. Therefore you need to get a tattoo establishment license and a biomedical waste producer license. If you already work in a spa, salon, or tattoo studio that does permanent makeup then they should already have these licenses. However, if you are starting from scratch, you will need the Health Department to inspect your work space and grant you a Tattoo Establishment License. If you work in a business that is licensed as a tattoo establishment then you will just need to get your personal tattoo permit. Please check with your local health department as rulesmay differ in each county and or state.

Do I need to be an esthetician or cosmetologist?

That's the best part about microshading / permanent makeup, there is no skin care license required! So no, you do not need to be an esthetician or a cosmetologist. However, you do need to get your tattoo artist license through your local health department. All microblading and permanent makeup fall under the tattoo laws in Indiana, so you must follow these guidelines. 

Is there a payment plan?

There is currently no payment plan. You will be billed through a square account so you are able to pay with credit card. I do require a $500 deposit to schedule the class. The Full payment is to be paid at least two weeks ahead of time.

How do I sign up?

To sign up and make your $500 deposit, please contact Naomi at 765-729-5096 (text is best). She must make sure you fully understand the licensing process and have a business plan in mind. Once she approves you, you will be sent the deposit invoice for your class. You have 24 hours to complete payment before the spot opens again.

How do I know if I'll be good?

To do microshading or any type of permanent makeup, you need to be artistic. I can teach you how to draw a brow or map a face BUT if you cannot draw the same curve twice or connect the dots, then we are going to have a problem. Basic artistic ability is a must! Other skills you'll need are a steady hand and excellent eyesight. If you have shaky hands and cannot accurately draw a straight line, you won't be able to do permanent makeup. Your eyesight needs to be good enough to see a very faint outline of a brow on skin and to see a single strand of hair. You may be a driven and business savvy student that ends up not being successful due to these physical restraints. Please understand that this is not a service that everyone can do so be aware of your limitations. With that being said, if you have artistic inclination, a steady hand, magnifying glasses and a relaxed, confident personality then you'll do great!

What makes your class different from others?

There are several different factors that make me different from other classes. First, my classes are small, I never take more than 3 students at a time to ensure everyone gets enough attention. Once you pay your deposit you will have access to the online portion of the class to prepare you for class and give you a basic understanding of what to expect. 


I always make time for my students and I'm a local trainer, I do not travel to do my trainings in other cities as I believe students should have access to their trainer even a year after they've completed a course. Class dates are for CLASS! We do not schedule your model during class days as it takes time to let the information sink in and to practice this new skill. After some practice, THEN we book a model individually. I do not have a room full of models going all at the same time, like most trainings. I've heard stories of 5-10 students models going at the same time with one instructor. This is the first time you are tattooing someone's face, the instructor should be watching and guiding your every move. You will work on and do your own model. There are many classes that don't allow you to work on your own model or they make you share a model with other students.


Lastly, I've poured my heart and soul into this training. I give my students lifetime support and I will always be here to help answer all your microshading questions.

Why is it so expensive?

Typically a Microblading/ Microshading 101 classes cost around $2,500-3,500, only teaches classic microblading and is two days long (one day of theory and the next day a live model). Typically you are learning in a large group of other students. My classes are small, never more than 3 students so that you will learn microshading & ombre brows efficiently. You have an online portion to get you started before you come to class. The pigments, numbing creams and other supplies cost around $600 to supply in the kits. Also, consider the cost of space to host the classes and compensation for the instructor's time. Keep in mind a large portion of this cost is for your continued mentorship while you build your business. You will have complete access to me as you start to take clients or as questions come up during the beginning months (which can be the most nerve-racking!). 

How do I get my tattoo artist license?

You need to fill out the tattoo artist application with your local Health Department and take the three hour bloodborne pathogens & cross contamination course online (boring but easy, my students typically use this one You need to have the bloodborne training certificate to get your tattoo permit. Take your certificate, valid ID, two pieces of proof of address, and tattoo license application along with cash to the health department to get your permit. You do not need your license for the seminar portion of class but YOU DO NEED the license for your practical. You CANNOT legally cut skin without it! Beware of classes that tell you otherwise. You can get a temporary permit for Delaware county that is good for 2 weeks. You must have this to work on your live model. Message me if you have questions.

How do "Model Dates" work?

Model dates are the days that I have blocked from my schedule to have that month's students come in individually for their live models. That means the day you schedule to come in and do your model with me, one on one. You will do one model. You can choose morning or afternoon. I charge the models a non refundable $50 fee at the time of scheduling to assure they will show up. I can find the model for you or if you have a friend or family member you would like to be your model that is fine too. I just need to know what your preference is.




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